Dr. Raffaella Gregoris has always been at the forefront of research and the formulation of truly clean age-defying cosmetics. She has revolutionized the traditional formulation method, by completely eliminating the use of ingredients that are unnecessary or potentially harmful for the skin.

clean beauty


The promise that all BAKEL formulas effectively achieve real results while remaining completely free of sensitizers or ingredients that are harmful for your skin, such as preservatives, silicones, dyes, perfumes, heavy metals, and more. We make no compromise when it comes to efficacy and safety.


All ingredients in BAKEL formulas are clean, and not only that: every active ingredient offers a unique benefit to the skin. Thanks to constant research, innovation, and collaboration with leading scientific laboratories, we have revolutionized the way of formulating skincare products to prioritize the efficacy of our products


With nothing to hide, BAKEL champions transparent communication by providing a detailed explanation of each ingredient in our products, clearly explaining the unique benefits it provides to the skin. All products are entirely made of clean and active ingredients.


All of our products are subjected to numerous safety tests on all skin types, including the most sensitive and reactive skin. The formulations, already free of intrinsically toxic substances, are dermatologically tested and free of heavy metals, nickel and gluten.

Raffaella Gregoris

The Founder

BAKEL was born in 2008 in a laboratory in Italy, founded by Dr. Raffaella Gregoris. A simple but apparently impossible mission: the creation of completely clean and absolutely effective products. Right from the start, BAKEL has revolutionized the way cosmetics are formulated, completely eliminating the use of unnecessary or controversial ingredients for the skin and using only active ingredients that provide real benefits.

“I have put all my effort into making your skin healthier, visibly younger with real clean and eco-friendly products”


History Timeline

BAKEL was founded by Dr. Raffaella Gregoris


BAKEL is awardered as "Newcomer of the Year" by Beauty Biz WWD


BAKEL becomes the pioneer of the Clean Beauty movement


BAKEL becomes a must-have also among celebrities


"Prix d'excellence de la beauté" Winner, by Marie Claire


The first five-star luxury "Bakel Beauty SPA" was opened


"Prix d'excellence de la beauté" by Marie Claire special jury


BAKEL becomes part of the CULTI Milano Group


Borgo Egnazia Resort and Saint Hubertus Resort


Less is more: Sustainable way forward


World's 100 Most Successful Women by Forbes


Clean beauty goes with consciousness and transparency


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refill


The future of skincare is in 3D

beauty conscious


We believe beauty isn’t about perfection, it's about authenticity. Beauty is deeply linked to the psycho-physical well-being of individuals, who, through a journey of self-acceptance and self-love, have learned to appreciate themselves at all ages as advocates for simple, non-artificial beauty. The result is well-groomed and healthy skin, achieved through products that act against the mechanisms responsible for skin aging.


We bring you high performing, clean, sustainable skincare that delivers targeted results to combat signs of time

Clean and Safe
Made in Italy

All of our formulas are proudly made in Italy. The power of quality and craftsmanship translated into clean, science-backed and performance-driven skincare.

Clean Beauty

Our Clean Beauty Guarantee: every single ingredient in a BAKEL product is 100% clean and provides a real, visible benefit to the skin.

100% Active principles

BAKEL products contain exclusively active principles of proven efficacy, completely free from any unnecessary ingredients.


BAKEL is constantly working to safeguard the health of our planet by significantly reducing the amount of packaging while introducing recyclable alternatives.

Dermatologically tested
Heavy metal tested
Gluten free
clean beauty guarantee
cruelty free and vegan
lav certificate