Start your beauty routine with BAKEL CLEANSERS, specifically formulated to cleanse the face without ever altering the hydrolipidic film of the skin. This is a fundamental step to prepare the skin for application of BAKEL JALU-3D instant treatment.


Product type
Skin Type
Skin Concern
Pure Act Water
Pure Act WaterLight Make-Up Remover Water $48.00
Pure Act Oil
Pure Act OilMake-Up Remover Oil $48.00
High Purity Gel
High Purity GelRe-Balancing Foaming Gel $45.00
High Tolerance Gel
High Tolerance GelSoothing Gentle Wash $45.00
FlannelCleansing And Make-Up Removing Pva Flannel $11.00
Clean and Safe
made in italy

All our formulas are proudly made in Italy. The power of quality and craftsmanship translated into clean, science-backed, and performance-driven skincare.

clean beauty

Our Clean Beauty Guarantee: every single ingredient in a BAKEL product is 100% clean and produces a real and visible benefit for the skin.

100% active principles

BAKEL products contain exclusively active principles of proven efficacy, completely free from any unnecessary ingredients.


BAKEL is constantly working to safeguard the health of our planet by significantly reducing the amount of packaging and introducing recyclable solutions.